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Covid-19: A Note

In response to the the Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions in the Province of Ontario, I am taking on a very limited number of clients each month, in order to keep the social 'bubble' as small as possible. I am also fully vaccinated.

Other additional measures that I am taking on as a postpartum doula and belly-binding practitioner include:

  • ensuring that I wear fresh new clean clothes on every shift

  • (more) frequent hand-washing and sanitizing

  • avoid bringing unnecessary items into the client's home to avoid any potential contamination

  • wearing a mask indoors at a clients' place wherever possible

  • sanitizing the surface areas that I have been in contact with at the beginning and end of  every shift

  • practice social distancing outside a clients' place as much as possible

  • downloading the Covid Alert app, and making sure that if I have been exposed, I will get tested and inform my clients in a timely manner

  • taking a two week break in between working with families to minimize exposures between families

I will also keep myself updated on any changes with regards to the guidelines and restrictions. 

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