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Postpartum Resources

Navigating the fourth trimester can be intense and terrifying to most first-time parents. We are overwhelmed by the number of baby books, (sometimes unsolicited) advice, opposing views in our parental groups on Facebook, and sometimes, too exhausted to even google for any information. 

This page is collection of postpartum resources that I find useful, and often refer my clients to. I have categorized them according to topics that my clients are often asking about. Please note that these are non-medical advice and you should always consult your doctor if you have any concerns!

Nursing Woes

This section features different breastfeeding positions, identifying a baby's hunger cues, a guideline to understand a newborn's milk intake and the most important coloured poop chat! 



This section features some healthy postpartum meal recipes to nourish the birth parent (and family), and my favourite lactation cookie / snack recipes that you can prepare and freeze to enjoy whenever you need.

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